Valerian Mazataud

I am a Franco-Canadian freelance documentary photographer based in Montreal, Canada. In my latest projects I am looking for ways to merge documentary photography and contemporary art. I am a self taught photographer with a background in science and environment and since the beginning of my carrier, five years ago, I’ve had a strong focus on immigration. I have always operated as a freelance photographer, working in pairs with journalists, in Canada, South-America or the Middle-East. I mainly work with Canadian medias and I am represented by Hans Lucas in France.

In my work I explore the border between documentary photography and contemporary art in order to develop a personal visual language able to translate the issues of today's world. Since 2010 I have a strong focus on immigration and refugees, abroad as well as in Canada. Trained as an engineer, it's through the prism of photojournalism that I first discovered photography. The rigour of the scientific approach as well as the work ethics of the journalists are still two essential components in my work.