Thomas Bouquin

Thomas Bouquin is a French born photographer currently living and working in Montreal. He holds a BFA in Photography from Concordia University where he received The Gabor Szilasi Prize. His work has been presented worldwide, and featured in various publications both printed and online. Thomas is one of the co-founder of the Photobook Club Of Montreal, and also working as a freelance photographer and photo researcher.

In 2008, Thomas immigrated to Montreal from France, and this change of continent became the raw material of his artistic practice. Between two places, two cultures, two stories, his work focuses on collective and personal identity, memory and exile. With photography, he creates a point of convergence between two spaces, physical or mental, and thus builds a new personal territory. Often combining straightforward techniques with its own intuitions and personal experiences, Thomas works visually within the gap between photographic subjectivity and documentary tradition. He is interested in elements such as traces, light and distance, which influence and modify our perceptions.