Teo Becher


Teo Becher lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He has a BA in photography from “Le 75“ in Brussels (2014) and just started a MA in KASKA in Antwerp.

Teo founds a deep interest in the image itself and how it is interpreted, especially through landscape photography.

Even if his work can be described as documentary, fiction and subjectivity play an important part as those concepts allows Teo to question photography and its capacity of creating myths.

He mostly uses a large format camera as well as a medium format.

Teo is a collaborator of Brassage Photographique.

For me, every project starts from the personal, from a deep interest that is almost intimate. In a second time, the work opens up so that an audience car relate to it, turning it toward the universal.

Tuk time is a collaborative project in Tuktoyaktuk, Canada, done in 2015 with Roxane Gabet. It reflects on the visual expectations of the so-called "Great North" as, when we were present there, we were filled with those expectations : whiteness, abandon, desert. After a few years of re-editing and reflection, we came back with a more critical look on this work and want to use it as a base as we'll go back to the town and open up a dialogue with locals about these representations of the North we southerners have. This project should be finished by 2020.

The second project, Les sommets inhabitables, is a subjective documentary about a valley in the French Alps : La Maurienne. These pictures speak about the story of the valley itself through which I tried to get around concept like the exploitation of mountains and their representation. In the end, it takes the form of a roaming through the landscape in which the mountain is central.