Sarah Carp

Sarah Carp is a Swiss national. She was born in 1981 in Zurich and graduated from the Vevey photographic school. She currently lives in Cardiff (UK) and works mainly in Switzerland and the UK. She has several exhibitions to her credit. Her works were selected in several competitions and festivals in Switzerland and abroad. She received the ‘Situation-2’ Prize (Ferme Asile, Sion) for her series Roots. Her series Donneuse Apparentée / Related Donnor was published in book format by Kehrer Verlag, Berlin (2013). Lac Sensible / Sensitive Lake was created following a carte blanche offered by the Musée du Léman in 2014-15. Her latest exhibition Respiration(s) offers a cheeky escape and was exhibited at the CHUV (Lausanne). On this occasion, Arts&Fictions published Les Petits Recits de l’Intemporel, a conversation between Sarah Carp and art critic Francoise Jaunin.

My approach starts from an intimate and contemplative exploration of my immediate surroundings. By starting from what is intimate, I address universal questions such as life, death, loneliness, love and joy. Through personal sensations and emotions, I propose visual poems made of little things captured here and there. In this game of colours and emotions, my hangings take shape and form large patchworks. The images, thus arranged, offer an atemporal universe. My narrations, like ever-shifting memories, are composed and recomposed through time.