Marion Gambin

Marion Gambin was born in Paris in 1985. After studying at the Toulouse College of Fine Art, she obtained a Master’s degree in photography with honors from the E.N.S. Louis Lumière in 2011. She works as a freelance photographer for the French press and individual companies. Her personal work is close to that of new documentary photography, with a special emphasis on portraiture. She is interested in staging mise en scène, mixing documentary and fiction to better understand and investigate her subjects. Human beings are at the heart of the work, constantly questioning our ways of living, without judgment. Gambin was finalist for the HSBC award, Lagardère, the Bourse du Talent, and in 2013 she received a grant from Fondation de France for her project, Between two places. She has had solo exhibitons in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Brest (France) and most recently in Kaunas (Lituania). She also participated in the collective project “France(s), liquide territory“.

The environment in which human beings evolve is a major theme of my work. I explore territories built by Man for Man. The fiction part which result from the real interests me particulary. I like to question our world because it seems sometimes filled by a smooth absurdity. I'm working generally in series, mixing differents kind of images such as portrait, still life, landscapes, and lifestyle which can be pure or staged photography.