Maela Ohana

Born in:Paris
Living in:Montreal

Maela Ohana is a Maela Ohana is a visual artist and curator based in Montreal, Canada. Her work explores questions surrounding urban ecology, the uncanny vs the mundane, and the transcendent power of images. Beside her personal creative work, Maela is also the founder of Archive Collective Magazine; a digital platform for emerging artists, and The Earth Issue; an art collective and print publication positioned at the intersection of art and environmentalism. She has been published in Ignant, ​BOOOOOOOOM​, ​Vogue Italy​, ​Aint-Bad Magazine​, Phroom, Another Magazine, and more.

THE WOLF AND THE DOG // There's an old French expression, "between dog and wolf," which refers to the ambiguous time of day when the light is too dim to distinguish a wolf from a dog. Also called "the gloaming" in Scotland, "kataware-doki" in Japanese / Hida dialect and "between two lights" (entre dos luces) in Spanish, these liminal moments between light and darkness impress on the imagination a powerful sense of the sacred and other-worldly. Beside its primary meaning as a marker in time and space, "entre chien et loup" also hints at the uncertain thresholds between familiar and unknown, comfort and fear, friend and foe. In the realm of deceptive shadows and strange purple glows the boundaries are blurred between our domestic selves and our wild ones. For a brief moment, we are beasts and we are gods.

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