Luca Marianaccio

(b. 1986, Italy)

Graduated in in Architecture at the University “Gabriele d’Annunzio” in Pescara.

In 2012 professionally approached photography through social and landscape research and documentation.

His artistic research investigates changes in contemporary natural and artificial landscape by focusing on new phenomena of urban anthropology.

What can be seen in his work is an atlas of possible forms of territorial alteration. It is a recognition of human and social behaviours that have the ability to change the landscape more or less consciously. By focusing on light and colour, the photographic work aims to portrait the various meanings of different social contexts.

He published two books, Oblivium (2014) and Spin-off (2017).

Currently he is living and working in Pescara.


A spin-off is a derivative work which maintains the same scenario of the original work while focussing on parallel events and secondary characters.

Spin-off is a collection of six visual narratives, compounded by a selection of photographies from the archive.

Six figures, accidentally encountered and rapidly captured in portraits, become subjects for fictional stories.

Each story is nothing but a fragment, a splinter, a projection of disintegrated pictures. It is subjectively decided through a random process in which physiognomy meets imagination.