Julie Hascoët


Julie Hascöet is a french visual artist. She graduated from the National Superior School of Photography in Arles, in 2012. In 2013, she founded ZINES OF THE ZONE, a traveling collection / exhibition of self-published photobooks and photozines. Among this project, she organized more than 100 book-exhibitions. Her photographic work questions the notions of territory, and she extends the practice of photography to a more general research on installation, printed matter and self-publishing. She is also a member of Hans Lucas photo agency.

MURS DE L’ATLANTIQUE is a photographic installation which draws a panorama of the Breton territory and suggests a visual dialogue between two specific phenomena: - The remains of the Atlantic Wall (blockhaus, bunkers) that mark the landscape in a heavy and permanent way. - Free parties, which appear spontaneously to disappear immediately and invite techno music lovers to gather illegaly each weekend for a party in a place kept secret until the last moment. This work questions ways to occupy a territory and offers, at the same time, a poetic walk in the isolated, interstitial and open areas that shape the Breton landscape. Murs de l’Atlantique is showed as an installation of pictures and a series of independant publications.