Jason Koxvold


Jason Koxvold was born in 1977 in Belgium, and studied Psychology and Social Science at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Today he works as a fine art photographer, focusing on projects which blend documentary and fiction.

He has published three monographs: Knives (2017), You Were Right All Along (2018) and Calle Tredici Martiri (2019); his work has been published in the FT Weekend Magazine, WIRED, Wallpaper*, Esquire, The British Journal of Photography, and The Great Leap Sideways.

Calle Tredici Martiri (Alley of the Thirteen Martyrs) is a fictionalised photographic reinterpretation of Koxvold’s grandfather Aldo Varisco’s campaign of direct action against the Nazi occupation of Italy. 

The project’s title refers to the location of the Venetian headquarters of the National Republican Guard at Ca’ Giustinian, which Varisco’s team destroyed with explosives in 1944, killing 13. The following day, the German military shot 13 Italian prisoners in retribution for the attack; Varisco and his team were later captured and extensively tortured. After the war, the street alongside Ca’ Giustinian was renamed “Calle Tredici Martiri.”

This project explores the impossibility of photographic truth in the context of the contemporary nexus of capitalism, fascism and consumerism within which we locate ourselves. The characters in the portraits, juxtaposed with constructed imagery and historical ephemera, function as mutable actors in Varisco's account of events, placed into neoclassical interiors and landscapes of conference rooms, Fascist monuments, and weapons training facilities.