Félix Bernier


Félix Bernier is a self-taught photographer based in Montreal whose work explores human connection to the land. With a background in software engineering, Felix applies an analytical and methodological approach to his photography. Despite his formal approach, Felix connects emotionally with the landscape, and the result is often similar to that of a personal journey.

For the past four years, Felix has been on the administrative committee of Le Club 3e Oeil where he also teaches darkroom courses and organises group exhibitions. Felix has had solo exhibitions in Montreal and has participated in juried exhibitions in the United States curated by the Halide Project and Feature Shoot. Felix has recently completed a residency at Burren College of Art in Ireland.

Residual Memory

Every society uses space as a way of creating an image for itself. In Japan, the natural landscape is an important part of the culture and is central to the Japanese perception of space. However, according to this perception, nature itself seems to lack some key elements. The natural landscape is thus often modified, altered or created from scratch to better reflect this understanding of space. By doing so, the Japanese create an alternate environment sometimes based on beliefs or myths intrinsic to the Japanese culture, other times for utility purposes and space expansion.