Dorothée Nowak

Dorothée Nowak is a French documentary photographer currently based in Japan. In 2017, she graduated with a BFA in Photography with Distinction from Concordia University. Her photographs have been presented in Canada and England, and featured in publications both printed and online.

Coming from Polish origin, she is interested in the subject of displacement, and attempts to grasp upon the narrative of being in-between two cultures and the sense of self within a new environment. 

Tell me her story because was is only the half of it is a documentary project based on her father’s family immigration history from Poland to France in 1938.

The project focuses on the journey her grandmother, Teresa, began with her family when she was only 11 years old. Born in 1927, she was raised in Ostrów Wielkopolski (Poland) which was, before the end of World War II, in the territories of the Republic of Germany. Her family left on the eve of the Second World War by train, and arrived first in Belgium before establishing themselves in the North of France.

In December 2016, Nowak went to Europe and traveled to Poland, Belgium, and France in order to find out more about her polish origin. In Ostrów Wielkopolski, she researches traces of family member in the National Archives in Kalisz where she was able to know more about Teresa’s father, Stanisław. Józefa, her mother, remains a mystery as no traces about her were found.

Tell me her story because War is only the half of it is about Nowak's quest in order to find out more about her roots and a portrait of a family whose descendants escaped their homeland on the eve of the WWII.